Ten Things I’m Thankful For

♥ Learning a craft with some of my favorite girls in the world for my birthday.
♥ Salon perfect hair (haha)
♥ Handwritten birthday notes are always the best!
♥ Breakfast food for lunch and baby smiles and giggles for dessert.
♥ #kaladkarin dinners are even better with buy 2, take 1 promos on tacos and burritos.
♥ A lengthy late lunch with my DQs
♥ Staying up past 1 in the morning listening to my favorite songs and singing along with everyone in the room.
♥ Meeting the vocalist of my favorite band and giving him a card I made!
♥ A spur-of-the-moment lunch out and discovering a new place to escape to.
♥ Shopping for cute things and helping out at the same time.

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