Hello, I’m still here.

I can’t believe my last post was four months ago. And this after a promise to take my camera out more so I could actually post more. Ah well, life happens.

I’m back because it’s a holiday and I’m on what they call a staycation. Aside from the unbearable heat, I really don’t mind staying home. Been able to catch up some shows, which is always a great way to spend a free day!

So what have I been busy with lately? Well, apart from the regular work I do, I’ve also been working on a couple of books since late last year. And this is how incredibly long ago my last post was: both books are done and out in bookstores!

I actually worked on this early this year with Alessa, Mansy, and Mikko. We shot all the projects in two days with Pat and Stephie, ever the speedy Gonzales, finished the layout so fast that we were done in a little over a month! It was a super fun project to do because the people I worked with were friends.

At first, it felt like a daunting task to come up with so many projects and shoot them all individually. But it can be done!

The second book, which was actually the first project I worked on, took a little longer to produce. It’s Mikko’s second bracelet book, but our first time working with our AD Tracy. I’m not sure if it was the logistics or if the steps for this project were a little more complicated than The Friendship Bracelet Book, but I’ll admit I had a bit of difficulty working on this. It was always a wrong photo or a typo I missed. We couldn’t get the packaging right. I could go on and on. But I guess good things come to those who wait (and well, edit to death. Haha!), because I still felt super excited when they finally handed me the final product.

I’m so happy that I get to work on books like these. I get even more excited when I see people actually buy them on try the projects. Here’s hoping we never run out of ideas and that people will continue to appreciate what we make. (:

The Candy DIY Book (P175) and Knot About Cords (P250) are available at bookstores and magazine stands nationwide! Hope you can grab a copy when you can. (:

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