Currently / 06.14.2014

Been spending a few minutes between work, perusing beautiful blogs that make me miss writing here. Sometimes, there’s just too much to do that I just completely forget that I have this little space online that has nothing to do with my everyday job. Allow me to restart this—again.

/currently 06.14.2014

{ 01 Living in my black faux croc skin slip-ons lately, Topshop; 02 I’ve been a little lazy in the morning so I just brush on a bit of this True Match skin idealizing BB cream under my eyes and all over my eyes before doing a simple cat eye. It’s a shade lighter than my “true match” so it kind of works like a concealer and highlighter for me, L’Oreal; 03 I know the rainy season is here, but I love the subtle glow I get from sweeping a bit of this blush on my cheeks, Happy Skin; 04 I can’t wait for Jason Mraz’s new record to come out next month! So happy he uploaded a few tracks, Spotify; 05 Starting a new series with one of my faves: Lee Pace, Halt and Catch Fire }

What are your favorites as of late?

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