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I used to do this every week but I’m going to try and drum up a monthly list instead. Let me know what’s on your list, too!

Music Monday

I finally remembered to turn on my scrobbling on Spotify. I did this after my questionable Top 2017 tracks didn’t quite capture my year. LOL! I ended up listening to my Soundtrack of the Year from 2002 a lot this month, which explains the list below. Absolutely nothing has changed—I am still obsessed with Koffee Brown’s “After Party” even after all these years. Haha! Top Tracks from January 2018

Tasty Tuesday

This is my third video demo for Yummy, but it still amazes me each time I see the final product. If you only knew how many times I had to repeat that final scoop and how we managed to make those scoops look like *that* at the end of the video. Haha! As always, eternally grateful to Trixie, Riell for giving me this fun gig! Check out the easy-peasy Coconut-Ube Ice Cream video below and don’t forget to check for the full recipe!

Wishful Wednesday

Watercolored Flower and Inked Carnation and Leaves

After a pretty interesting end to my 2017, I vow to make more mindful choices this year. I know it’s a bit too early in the year to be declaring this, but I can tell 2018 is already going to be loads better than last year. Here’s hoping all my plans, grand and tiny, come to fruition. I already have a few collaborations brewing and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. Soon, soon!

Thoughtful Thursday

Finished my first book of the year! I missed Wonder in theaters, but I got to read the book it was based on by R.J. Palacio. I started it last year and it was the perfect thing to read while I was going through some pretty life-changing, uh, events.

“…If every single person in this room made it a rule that wherever you are, whenever you can, you will try to act a little kinder than is necessary—the world really would be a better place. And if you do this, if you act just a little kinder than is necessary, someone else, somewhere, someday, may recognize in you, in every single one of you, the face of God.” —Mr. Tushman, Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Fashion Friday

I’ve been pretty good with shopping lately (aka I’ve managed not to do it, haha) so I was excited to check out Uniqlo U’s new collection last Friday. Sadly, most of the ones K and I wanted weren’t available yet. Dreaming of coming back for this skirt, but maybe when it’s on sale. And then there’s the Marimekko collection happening in March. Eep! Good luck to my wallet.

Notice how different the headings and the quote look? That’s my handwriting turned into a font by Mix Fonts! Check out their new digs and pick up some fonts for yourself, too. (:

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