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Formerly a weekly themed post I adapted from That’s Chic, this is a list of my favorite things for the month.

Music Monday

My friend Koko was just asking me how long it has been since Jason Mraz put out new music and days later, he put out a teaser for a new song. The single is now out along with a music video and I love what he wrote in the newsletter announcing it.

“Have It All” is a simple song with a hopeful message. Of the many I’ve written in the past four years during ever-changing times, “Have It All” is a reset back to the heart; a return to joy; a song with a message of generosity; a blessing disguised as a playful rap song; one meant to be paid-forward and shared.

Tasty Tuesday

I finally got around to watching Chef’s Table Volume 4. And after seeing the first episode featuring Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi, I woke up the next day with the urge to bake something, anything. I found some dark chocolate I needed to use up (Hiraya’s 70% Cocoa with Coffee Nibs is sooo good!) and whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I’ve given a few to friends and my family finished the last of it today. Hope the weather cooperates (it’s just way too hot to be near an oven!) so I can bake some more.

Wishful Wednesday

My Facebook keeps showing me beach trips from a few years ago the past couple of weeks. I haven’t planned any trips this summer but I would really like to be near the sea soon!

Here’s a photo from a trip to Boracay way back when. Taken by Kaich with my LC-A loaded with some good ol’ Elitechrome.

Ready for the sun

Thoughtful Thursday

Trust me, no one’s
going to be hurt again

Fashion Friday

Could not stop thinking about this saddle sling from Bags by Rubbertree. I finally got it a few weeks ago and I’m in love. Can’t quite photograph the salmon color well but you’ll just have to trust me on this. It’s beautiful!


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