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Ten Things I’m Thankful For

♡ one month of peter kavinsky, lol (week 4 going strong, and I have not run out of things to watch or read about noah centineo hahaha)

♡ the thrill of having someone thank you for something you wrote about them—never gets old

♡ feeling kilig about a song, a movie, a story (lots to obsess about this past month!)

♡ getting feedback for the story I’m writing from people whose opinions matter to me

♡ reconnecting with old friends because of mutual obsessions (I have never had this many insta-dms, ever)

♡ finishing 2 more books after going through jenny han’s to all the boys trilogy

♡ my new moon in virgo pulls—this always helps me make sense of my current life situation (and helps me map out my battle plan, too)

♡ current writing assignments: been extra inspired to pitch stuff after this resurgence of feelings~

♡ putting together surprises and celebrating people special to me

♡ all of fall tv season’s previews

A year ago today, I received news that turned my world upside-down. Three hundred sixty-five days later, I’m still standing and I’d like to think I’m stronger than ever.

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  • Kaye
    September 11, 2018

    Yes, and you’ve never been (healthier) happier! Cheers to great life decisions and being sane enough to enjoy kilig.