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Currently / October 2018

Formerly a weekly themed post I adapted from That’s Chic, this is a list of my favorite things for the month.

Music Monday

I’m definitely a sucker for throwback playlists and when this popped up on my Twitter feed, I spent the next hour bobbing my head to it. People who don’t know me that well are surprised I used to be one of those people who spent Fridays and weekends “in da club.” For someone who doesn’t even really drink alcohol, I spent a good chunk of my college years in bars because I loved dancing. Now all the dancing I do is in the bathroom or in my room. LOL.

Tasty Tuesday

Pumpkin Bread

I follow a bunch of food accounts on Instagram, so I get the most random cooking prompts. This month, I made some pumpkin bread out of a boxed soup mix (it wasn’t seasoned with herbs or anything, so I figured it would work). I was worried the soup would go bad so when Bon Appetit regrammed a photo of someone who tried their recipe for Pumpkin Bread with Maple Butter, I got to work. The loaf came out a bit underbaked (could have probably used an extra 10-15 minutes in the oven), but we finished it before the weekend, so I think it’s fine.

Got a job next month that requires me to test a recipe for a cake I’ve never made before, so I’m excited about that. Hopefully I get it right the first time.

Wishful Wednesday

Full Moon in Taurus with Practical Magic Starter Deck

For the full moon in Taurus, I did my usual tarot spread but this time I didn’t pick a specific part of my life for each card. I set a general insight for each based on the questions by Ethony (Chinggay sends this to me and Ines—our tarot support group—twice a month) and came out with a list to guide me through the next month.

It’s Scorpio season, which means I’m turning another year older soon. I like to think of my birthday as my New Year, a chance to make new resolutions, hatch new plans, and conquer undiscovered dreams. I’ll turn 36 on a plane and wake up in a new city I can’t wait to explore. Will tell you all about it when I’m back.

Thoughtful Thursday

I’m reading This Could Hurt by Jillian Medoff, about this company called Ellery and its HR department. I initially downloaded this because of the pretty cover, but now that I’m deep into it, it’s giving me major Summit flashbacks. It’s interesting to look at it from a different side and it makes me wonder if it’s close to what happens in real life.

Fashion Friday

I’m a sucker for espadrilles and abaca things, so I finally caved in and got myself a pair of Padma mules from munimuni. Was casually scrolling through my Instagram feed when their post popped up and they were promoting free shipping. I mean, how could I ignore it, right? I love it so much and keep praying it doesn’t rain every time I wear it out, which is almost all the time now.

Muni Muni Studio Padma Mules and Frames from Ideal Vision

Then, I ended up dragging my best friend to the Ideal Vision sale to peep the 32-peso (I couldn’t believe it when I saw someone post her pairs online) frames. TBH, I’ve been wanting gold frames ever since watching Maniac on Netflix and obsessing over Sonoya Mizuno’s Dr. Azumi Fujita. I ended up getting a P700 Ralph Lauren gold pair plus one P32 vintage frame in matte copper that reminds me of my very first pair of glasses. Took me a while to find a pair that didn’t have any scuffs and scratches, but it was worth it. Got my eyes checked (yay, my grade didn’t go up in the past year) and had some multi-coated lenses installed (only waited 30 minutes!). Hopefully I remember to wear them regularly.

And just like that, we’re down to the last two months of 2018. How crazy is that?

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