Summiteer Mail Swap

Ten Things I’m Thankful For

♡ being back in the kitchen with yummy (we made buko pandan cake and chocolate chip blondies last month)

♡ going on a road trip with some lovely people and getting away from the city for a little bit

♡ finishing another book about the inner workings of a company (has anybody thought about fictionalizing the veryyy interesting world of local publishing?)

♡ spending sundays hanging out at one of my oldest friend’s house and never running out of things to talk about

♡ working on our newsletter—even if it means oversharing once a month to our subscribers haha

♡ discovering schitt’s creek and binging through all four seasons in a week (omg it’s so funny!)

♡ coffee tasting and laugh-out-loud stories with friends plus getting a surprise bag of tea to take home (thanks, d!)

♡ sending out mail for the first time at the post office—can’t wait for them to reach their destination

♡ getting a text message from my 5-year-old niece <3

♡ getting a spark of inspiration in the middle of an airport at the crack of dawn

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