Ten Things I’m Thankful For

sunset in verdana homes

♡ every day, because I wake up and I’m okay, I’m here, I’m alive
♡ friends and family these past two weeks—I may have only replied a curt “thank you” to your messages, but I am deeply grateful for each one
♡ spending 5 days with my favorite not-so little person, who is growing up to be such a delightful human with so much love, empathy, and kindness <3
♡ somehow getting work done and accomplishing paperwork in the middle of all that’s happened
♡ finishing sex education, which was absolutely hilarious and brilliantly written—now season 2, please
♡ finishing my first book of the year and starting a new one (I keep needing to remind myself that educated is not fiction, what a story)
♡ a new season of schitt’s creek, my best discovery of 2018 (I know I’m a late bloomer). moira rose forever~
♡ getting a thousand words in for a short story I’m working on (I still have 6,000 more words to go…)
♡ getting to flex my strat muscles again (I haven’t done a strat plan since…2016 because my 2017 one was canceled, lol)
♡ my full moon in leo reading—makes me hopeful for the coming year. here’s to taking the steps to make all my plans happen.



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