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Ten Things I’m Thankful For

There are some weeks when days bleed into each other, and I need to remind myself to stop and breathe. So today, this is my break for the week. I know it’s only Tuesday, but who says there’s a deadline for pausing to catch your breath?

What better way to spend this midday break by counting my blessings?

♡ starting a new book (I finally finished the jessica darling series after struggling to finish the fourth book). joan didion’s the year of magical thinking is teaching me a lot about my own grief.
♡  binging through the three seasons of veronica mars in time for next week’s new season
♡  getting to see beautiful the carole king musical with mika and lou. I only see them once every few months, but it’s always so much fun. seeing a fantastic show was a bonus. the next time I see them, mika is getting married. omg!
♡  my new pair of day gloves because I really love my black ones
♡  making new ceramic wares for my make space today shelf
♡  though my work with spotjapan takes up most of my time, I’m glad I can still write about many different things
♡  sticking to a semi-regular exercise routine—if you know me, you know how much I hate working out, so these past 3 months are a major accomplishment for me
♡  pretty nail art (I really enjoy painting my nails!)
♡  my colored eyeliners! promised myself that I’m done buying them, hehe
♡  face time with friends IRL (: groupchats are heaven-sent but nothing beats face-to-face chika

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