Currently: February 2020

Currently / February 2020

Music Monday

I just finished watching High Fidelity on Hulu and was thinking about playlists and movie soundtracks. My friends and I were talking about movies with great OSTs and this one from Garden State is definitely part of my desert island, all-time Top 5 most memorable soundtracks.

Tasty Tuesday

Was back in QC this past week and met up with friends

I’ve been making a conscious effort to catch up with friends in between work commitments. It’s usually over a cup of coffee or a good meal, and I’m better for it. I’m paying for it now with this runny nose but I spent the entire day in bed, so I can do it all again this coming week, haha!

Wishful Wednesday

Valentine's Day collage
One of the mini collages in between the pages of my planner

I turned my Everyday Explorers planner into a journal slash datebook. I use the monthly spread to keep track of my schedule and use the weekly spread to take note of what happened during the week. I hardly take notes, so there’s almost always a big blank page each week. I’ve been creating mini collages to help jog my creativity and to use up all my journaling paraphernalia, really. Also, I’ve been a big advocate of writing down your intentions if you want to manifest them in real life. I tell you, it’s only the second month of the year and even I’m surprised at the things that have happened so far. So if you’re willing something to reality right now, I suggest you write it down!

Thoughtful Thursday

This past month, I joined two workshops (Risograph printing with Bad Student and watercolor with Cynthia for Uniqlo). I actually attended both on one day in opposite parts of the city. People think I’m crazy, but I thought it was an awesome way to spend my Saturday.

Also finally got to attend Mikko’s workshop at Make Space Today. I tried applying for Creative Market but got rejected, lol. So I’m figuring out how to fix my Society 6 page instead. I’m also studying how WooCommerce works, so I can put up my own digital shop here.

I think there’s always something new to discover and learn that’s why I try to join workshops when I can (and when budget permits).

Fashion Friday

My newest baby from Bags by Rubbertree

Dragged Mikko to the beautiful Bags by Rubbertree studio in QC, so I could get my hands on this gorgeous blue tiny box bag. My first tote from them (#795) still gets a lot of use from me and this newest addition (#4076) is definitely on heavy rotation this month.

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