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How do write about a month, half of which I spent inside my house? We’re now on Day 16 of enhanced community quarantine. I haven’t left our area since getting home from Batangas right before the lock down. Most of our groceries have been delivered, so I’ve only really left the house once successfully. The other times were just attempts to see if the lines at the community grocery were short enough.

This quarantine has really been a test of patience. As a freelancer, I’m used to working from home but I suppose it’s different when you’re not given a choice. It’s quite disheartening to see the news, too. When there’s really no clear-cut strategy or plan that’s being presented to manage this outbreak. The numbers are going higher and it’s becoming clearer that this won’t end in 2 weeks.

Music Monday

The bright spot in all of this is that many artists have been going live on their social media to perform mini-concerts from their homes.
mae’s Dave Elkins performed a few of my fave songs on Facebook
Sondre Lerche came out with a new song and music video.

Tasty Tuesday

I don’t think I’ve baked this much in such a short span of time. But I guess that’s what I usually gravitate towards when I’m feeling anxious.

Quarantine Baking
Stuff I’ve baked over the course of two weeks

Wishful Wednesday

How I wish this ECQ would work and that we really will flatten the curve in the next two weeks. I can’t wait for the day when we can all come out of the house without fear of contracting a disease that could kill us or our loved ones. I can’t wait to see my family and friends and not through a screen. I can’t wait for when we can travel again.

But more than that, I wish the people who have been carrying the weight of this pandemic: the healthcare workers, the essential workers would be properly compensated for the work that they do. Can you imagine if there were no nurses or doctors or ambulance drivers? Or what if our groceries and markets were all empty? What if all those riders who deliver food and necessities were nowhere to be found?

My wish is that in the next election, we put responsible people in power. People who understand the plight of each citizen—even down to the smallest barrio in the provinces. People who will be proactive and will share a clear-cut plan on how to handle emergencies such as this. People who serve their constituents and not burden them with coming up with their own solutions. I really truly hope that people realize that the person you vote for is a matter of life and death. If not for you, for someone not as privileged as you.

Thoughtful Thursday

Finally finished My Friend Anna by Rachel DeLoache Williams. The last part particularly struck me.

“I’m not always successful at it, but I try to put what I’ve learned into practice: I have to remember—time and again—to stop worrying about what other people think of me. I remind myself that sometimes it’s okay not to be okay and that healing takes time. And I’m more open with my loved ones—sharing the good things and the hard things—because that’s what real friendships are for. It wasn’t an experience I’d wish upon anybody, but I did gain something valuable. Instead of losing trust in others, I found strength to trust in myself.”

Fashion Friday

Made myself a makeshift mask because I only have one surgical mask left and I know you can’t reuse it. I don’t really want to buy any because there are people who need it much more than me. Hopefully the mask will be enough for when I need to go out for groceries and that sort of thing. I don’t really intend to go out of the house for any other reason, anyway.

It’s a brand new month in a couple of days. Hopeful that each day, we’re getting closer to defeating this. Hopeful that each day, people are being kinder to one another. See you soonest.

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