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The year is going by faster and yet slower at the same time. I haven’t left our village since March 15. It’s kind of crazy how long that feels but also how short it is because the days are looking much more identical these past few weeks.

Music Monday

I’ve already talked about this so I’m sure you know how much I’m enjoying this album right now.

Tasty Tuesday

Wishful Wednesday

For this government to have an action plan and that’s not just “wait for a vaccine.” It’s been 5 months. I think that’s bought you enough time. -__-

Thoughtful Thursday


Hopped on a call with my FME pals and talked about our personal tarot practices. Sadly, the last part got cut off but Chinggay managed to piece together part of the missing ten minutes in a blog post.

We also shared what tarot means to us right before we got cut off. I don’t remember everything I said anymore but I know it’s how tarot helped me make sense of the mess in my head during a difficult time in my life. Even today, when things get tough or confusing, I look to the cards to help me sort out my thoughts and feelings. I never thought I would read for myself (I always look forward to my birthday readings with Practical Magic) but look at me and all my decks, haha.

The Inquire Within deck is upside down because I took this photo too early.

Fashion Friday

I know I’m not really going anywhere but these seemed like a practical purchase (they were on sale! I can use them in the house!), plus I could help support my friend’s business in my own small way. You can check out their current buy 1, get 1 promo on their Facebook Page!

I missed wearing shoes!

I’ve only worn the black pair during my “no pambahay” challenge with Kaich, haha. Another strategy to get you out of a rut. I was feeling really sluggish and lazy because of my pantulog/pambahay rotation, so we thought of “dressing up” and sending each other photos just because. I have since gone back to pantulog/pambahay/tsinelas though.

Can you believe we’re already in the second half of 2020? Spending most of it at home btw. When will we be able to go out and breathe in without fear of getting sick again? Not any time soon, I know, but someday, I hope.

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