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  • What’s Inside My Tiny Notebooks?

    What’s Inside My Tiny Notebooks?

    I try to keep a small notebook with me whenever I’m traveling. I also bring along a tiny water brush, a small collection of Micron pens, and my watercolor palette of choice (usually a portable Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colours Sketchers’ Pocket Box that I got from one of Alessa‘s workshops). I also love […]

  • Photo Diary: Pintô Art Museum, Antipolo City

    I grew up in Antipolo. That’s where I went to school from Kinder to high school. It was a bit farther from the city but I loved always being surrounded by trees. These days, it feels like a field trip whenever I head to the east even if I lived there when I was younger. […]

  • What’s Your Type?

    I’ve been home for four days and except for the dreadful heat, I’m actually enjoying all this free time. Since it’s just me and the boys at home, we’ve been rotating household chores. Strangely enough, I think I’m getting the hang of washing dishes. Haha! I’ve been binge-watching different series and catching up on ones […]

  • Think Of This Song As A Promise

    Music Monday { From a year ago: YouTube Presents Jason Mraz Live from NYC } The best thing about seeing him live is his unbelievably good adlibbing (is this even a word, sorry haha). I’m seeing him again in May and I cannot wait! Tasty Tuesday { Banana Pecan Pancake, Breakfast at Antonio’s } Still […]

  • Let Your Heart Be Light

    Music Monday Tasty Tuesday { Cheating on Nutella with this cheaper spread | Dinner of chicken inasal and a mound of chorizo rice before watching a movie about vampires and wolves, hehe } Wishful Wednesday Source: hitrecord.org via Macy on Pinterest Thoughtful Thursday Source: lisacongdon.com via Macy on Pinterest { In love with Lisa Congdon‘s […]

  • We’ll Play Hide and Seek To Turn This Around

    Music Monday Tasty Tuesday Chicken enchilada from Iguana’s Mexican Food (formerly Zapata’s), so yummy! I could only finish half of the order, though. My brother finished the other half when I got home earlier today. Wishful Wednesday Spotted these at the Nike Outlet store today. Pretty shoesies! ♥  { via Dope Ambition }Thoughtful Thursday   […]

  • I wish I could write again

    I’m swimming in a sea of facestrying to float my way to youbut it’s no usein a crowded roomwhere everybody wants you image via Lovepad