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We’re already well into March but I’m determined to keep documenting life on this page. February was a hell of a month. As I wrote last month, I’d been dealing with a lot of emotions. And while this month has been so much better, there are still days I catch myself getting overwhelmed by negative energy that I have to physically step away to breathe again.

It’s good that February allowed me to be miles away in Sydney, Australia to finally see Taylor Swift in The Eras Tour—which was everything I hoped for and more. I’m so happy I got to see it with my FME friends Chinggay and Patty. Can confirm we will still be traveling together in the future. I love traveling with people who can adjust schedules, not worry about missing plans, etc. Get you friends who can do that and you’ll never worry about enjoying on a trip.

Last month was a bit busy but here are some favorites.

Sadly, I am still struggling to finish my current read (The Happy Couple by Naoise Dolan). I just have a few more pages to go but I just don’t find myself reaching for it these days. What should I read next?

Absolutely loved One Day on Netflix. I had low expectations but once I got into it, there was no turning back. I knew what was going to happen—I had read the book, I had watched the movie. And yet, the ending still felt like a sucker punch to the gut. In the end, I was exactly like Dexter curled into a ball, sobbing myself to sleep. I guess it was good to get a cry out. So thank you, Em and Dex.

Got to watch a few films on my flight to and from Sydney. Really enjoyed The Holdovers and Priscilla. Before flying, I also watched Upgraded, which was a fun, cute rom-com and made me see Mal (lol of Shadow & Bone) in a new light.

Where do I even begin? Sydney was such a lovely surprise of a place. I’d never been and it was fun roaming around and stumbling upon cafes and restaurants to try. We stayed in Haymarket, which is their Chinatown, so a lot of the places were still open past 4. The weather was really strange (raining when we arrived, then scorching the next day) so we had to be super flexible with our plans.

No bad coffee was had and we absolutely had all the fleht woyts in the 5-ish days we were there. I really enjoyed dinner at Bather’s Bistro, which is where Pam works. She had the week off so I’m so happy I got to hang with her more than once while I was there. We had the fried zucchini flowers, prosciutto pear & burrata, roast pumpkin ravioli, prawn linguini, and the pan-roasted barramundi. They were super nice and gave us dessert and drinks on the house. The Lemon tart and the tonka bean ice cream were the perfect ending to a most magical trip.

Took home some beans from Mecca—the House Blend and Moonwalker Blend. Went crazy in the grocery for TimTams (love the salted caramel brownie and murray river salted caramel variants) and flavored KitKats (hazelnut and Milo!).

LOL I finally finished my Harry Cardi in record time. A full year. I love it and I’ve worn it out once already. I’m scared to block it because what if it loses it’s shape? But anyway, I still haven’t started a new crochet project but I’ve got a ton of projects pinned already. Hopefully the next one won’t take me 12 months!

Got myself some super cute workout clothes from Coral. Do I work out anywhere outside my bedroom? No. Will I wear a skirt to do NTC on my bedroom floor? Yes. Haha!

Didn’t really shop in Australia but I picked up a tube of Summer Fridays lip balm (got vanilla bec I got overwhelmed with the choices), which I’ve been using a lot with a brown lip liner (MAC Stripdown!) for a glossy nude.

It’s been a steady weekend that I’m sad is coming to an end. Yesterday was a fun afternoon with my niece which is just what I needed after the week that was. Just one more week until Holy Week, which means we’ve got a long weekend to look forward to. Have absolutely no plans and I’m just happy to not leave my bed.

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