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  • Young Hearts, Run Free

    Music Monday { From the Levi’s Pioneer Sessions two years ago } Tasty Tuesday { What makes any breakfast great: crispy bacon and coffee!} Wishful Wednesday Source: parfois.com via Macy on Pinterest { A watch with a huge face. }  Thoughtful Thursday Source: goodandpretty.tumblr.com via Macy on Pinterest { My kind of peeps } Fashion […]

  • We’re in Korea!

    Last Saturday, we headed to the mall for our Candy Cuties mini-mag cover signing. Stephie had a brilliant idea of walking to Subspace Coffee after. I’ve never been there, but Steph loved it and I was intrigued by the Purple Potato Latte and the Peanut Butter Latte. I’ve never been to Korea, but I’m guessing […]

  • Coffee, cake, and shoes

    I’m really tired, but I can’t seem to get sleepy. I think it was the coffee I had earlier tonight with Mix and Lani. Haha, we were determined to keep the streak going. So even if it was for just barely an hour, we decided to meet up for cake and coffee after work, before […]