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  • Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

    Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

    People who know me know how much I hate exercising. Something about sweating in public makes me cringe, haha. Also, I work out in ratty clothes so the thought of spending money on fancy workout clothes makes me scratch my head sometimes. I’ve had an on-and-off again relationship with NTC, the only workout system I’ve […]

  • While waiting for my files to get transferred to the external harddrive (aka after 10 years)…

    When did you start dancing?: My first memory of dancing was my mom “teaching” me ballet in our backyard in Marikina. Ha ha! Yes, it took years and several pictures for me to realize that no, those were not real ballet lessons. It was me and my mom. In our backyard. In leotards and tights—pink […]

  • Tired of being number 2, I can do what she can do

    Since I haven’t been baking for awhile now (been sick, I don’t want to contaminate Macy’s Fields goodies), I’ve been looking to my other de-stresser. Dancing! Hee hee. After one week of rest from dance class with my officemates, we finally resumed last night. It was a coincidence that the new song we learned the […]

  • don’t walk, just dance

    It’s been two weeks since our last Breakfast Challenge. Haha, it’s funny how people are actually asking why there isn’t one today. d: Peter, our all-around boy/yayo/cook, is home on weekends because his kids are on their summer vacation. So his family is staying here at home while they’re on vacation. Meaning, we don’t cook […]

  • And all she wants is to dance

    I’m sleepy, still. I had about five pralines and 1 disc of super yummy Royce’. There are only two more pralines left—and I just opened the pack this afternoon! Chocolate in this family will never really last more than a week. 😛 I can’t wait for next week. Aero funk and Smooves, birthday dinner for […]

  • Jump and move

    Whee! I’m so happy! Finally attended the Smooves class and even if I could barely keep up, I’m so happy I went. It was really nice to get to dance with Jessie, too, since I used to train with her. I’m looking forward to joining the class twice a week. Maybe I’ll get my groove […]