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  • Dinner with Friends

    I really think this needs to be done once a week. You know, for sanity. Hehehe.

  • Owls and Polish at Heavenly Chocolates

    One of my best buds from college went away for a month to visit her sister and her new niece Ellie (yes just like in Up!). I missed her so much that we planned to get together two days right after she landed. We were worried about the weather, but the moment she picked me […]

  • From last night’s dinner

    The waitress said this was good for six. Six what, bites? Hahaha. Good thing it was yummy. And we ordered soup, spicy garlic mushrooms, and baked eggplant. And I am happy to report, I liked the baked eggplant. Went well smooshed on the garlic bread it came with. Baby steps, people, baby steps.