Twenty oh seven

My year is off to a fantastic start! I was out with friends for the first time after the clock struck 12. I had no idea there were so many people who hung out till the first sunrise of the year! I got back into bed past 6 in the morning already. And woke up just in time for lunch.

And now, I’m in a conference with two of my good friends from Wazzup, Lenni and Earl. 😀 We’re on a bash fest—on all kinds of um, people and things. Hahaha! Funnn. Ok, maybe that’s not supposed to be our idea of “fun.” Heh. 😛

I have lots of stories to tell and so many pictures to post but my Net connection is wonky. Enjoy this first day of 2007, guys! It’s going to be one rocking New Year. Seriously.

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