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It’s so amazing how the month hasn’t ended yet and I’ve spent time with most of the important people in my life—my friends. I have yet to see the handful of people from Wazzup (or those who were from there? 😛 Haha!) but I’m pretty sure we’ll get together soon.

Getting together with my high school girlfriends last week was awesome. We didn’t spend that much time together since we’re all working now, and we had no choice but to meet on a weeknight. But I have to say, it was a blast having dinner (aba, succesful ang potluck dinner!) and then, playing (or trying to play) poker. Haha!

Then, the following night, I got together with my best buds from college (plus Patty’s friend from GMA, Ghia) to watch, ahem, KKK. Haha! We were so noisy inside the theater, I’m surprised nobody threw popcorn at us. 😛 It was great hanging out with them even after a tiring day at the office. So funny that Kaich noted how I was so much happier now. She said that whenever we got together when I was still working in Wazzup, I’d just space out. Like, I was dead half the time. Haha! So true. “Mace? Are you there? What’s your order?” “Huh? Oh, adobo flakes.” Then, I’m dead again. HAHA. Those were the days. 😛 I’m so glad I’m out of that rut. 😀

Because my posts are boring without pictures:

This was taken by the girl who sells tickets. We might’ve weirded her out a bit. 😛

Yes, that’s what KKK is. HAHA!

What is that FAAAACE!?

Inside Ghia’s car, on the way to Kaich’s

BW effect! Hehe!

Hala, Naf! Be very afraid. You need to appear more often at these things. 😛 Just kidding, darling! Tama na kasi ang aral! Haha!

Mikko’s coming home tomorrow and hopefully all the girls show up for lunch! Woohoo! Two of my super good friends who now live on the other side of the world are actually here. I can’t believe it. We’ve got to make the most out of this month. Seriously.

This post is already long and rambling, so I might as well just go on with it. I got a Friendster (wow, so 2003! haha!) message from one of my YFC friends, Elaine, and she said I haven’t aged at all since she last saw me. Aww. What a sweet thing to say. Hopefully, we also get together since we practically just live a few steps away from each other! And I haven’t seen her since high school. Wow, high school. It seems so far away. I’m oooold!

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  • girl next shore
    January 15, 2007

    mace, it’s true naman kasi no! you really look younger than your age. 😉

  • *-i.is.monkeys-*
    January 16, 2007

    I forget that you have this blog. So YAY! I got to read something new today 😀