Reunions and old friends

So it’s been two days of sleeplessness, but it doesn’t matter. One of my good friends is back in Manila after three years! How awesome is that?

I’m just a little sad that she’s only staying till Sunday morning. And that doesn’t even count since she’s leaving first thing that morning. Lani and I picked her up Sunday afternoon and spent the rest of the night with our high school friends. I always have fun with them no matter how long we haven’t seen each other. Hello, I haven’t seen Jenn since Mikko last visited—three years ago! To think we spent practically all of high school together because we were carpool mates!

Even if I look like crap after staying out late for the past two nights, I’m so happy that I’m getting to spend so much time with friends. And January hasn’t even ended yet! I just hope we can all be together—complete!—before Mikko and Binky leave.

Last night, I got picked up super late so we ended up staying at my friend’s house till 1 am after our first real poker night (haha! I won one round!). I’m amazed at my friend’s super photographic memory. She recounted everything like high school was just yesterday. We couldn’t stop laughing at all our kalokohan back then. 😛

As if you can’t tell yet, I am so happy with my high school memories. It really was the best four years of my life. (: And I’m glad I can still live in high school even for a while every so often. 😛

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