What a weekend

Can you guess what I did this weekend? I never imagined I’d even consider making a trip like this but thanks to my good friends who convinced me to go. I HAD AN AWEEEESOOOOOOME weekend. Good vibes all around with the exception of a certain um.. yes. That. Hahaha!

I brought another roll of film and took pictures with my supersampler. I can’t wait to have them developed. My last good roll was the one of my trip to Puerto Galera. Our pictures came out great because of the strong sunlight. So I’m hoping the ones from this trip come out nice, too.

Until our next trip, girls! I’m so happy we did this together. (: SO much fun.

I can’t get Everyday Is A Holiday (With You) out of my head now. I randomly sway from side to side with the tune in my head. I must look really stupid because no one else can hear the damn music. Hahaha!

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The Comments

  • Shorty
    February 26, 2007

    macyyyy!!! AAARRRGHHH!!! INGIT!!!

    yun lang 😛 no seriously, i’m GREEN with envy :/ hahaha

  • Macy
    February 26, 2007

    Try it once in your life if you haven’t already. I’m not your usual adventure girl but this I LOOOOVED. (:

  • girl next shore
    February 27, 2007

    i’m inggit!!!!!
    i seriously miss the beaches in the philippines! the beach here’s cool for surfing but the water’s too cold as of the moment! waaaah. i miss la union!!!!