The best things in life are free

Y’know when I won a phone last week, I couldn’t believe my luck. I mean, who the hell wins a phone, right? I’ve never won anything in raffles (this big, anyway) so I wasn’t really counting on it. (My youngest brother has better luck. He won four tickets to Cebu and a painting before.) The moment they called my name, though, I was thrilled. Haha! Akala mo nanalo sa Oscars! d:

Then just today, I got a package that had a 1GB flash drive. Haha! What is it with this year, man? First an iBook, then a phone, then a flash drive! (Sorry, I’ve been obsessing about getting one for the longest time because I can’t access my officemates’ Macs haha LOSER!) I LAF ET! My lunchmate, Candice, casually mentioned that a certain moment in my life might be bringing me luck this time around. d: That good bye isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Haha! I say, leave the past behind and don’t let it weigh you down. (;

I’m excited for all the trips we’re planning for this year—with Drive Thru Manila (woohoo! more adventures, guys!), with my high school girl friends (Pagudpud, Batanes, Bangkok?), and my family (HK! woohoo!). And it’s funny how that reader in Eastwood told me this wasn’t a good year for me to travel. d:

Whatever, I really think you make your own destiny. Don’t you? Woohoo! This is the life! Hahaha!

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