Mikko has given me space since the time she got her first domain. So I thought it was an injustice not to use the space she’s given me. I used to house my blog over at her domain but when it expired, I moved back to Blogspot.

Since my old files were transferred to InkSmudges.com, I figured, why not rehash the site? 1982 was supposed to be a place for my “portfolio” but what would I put in it? My 10 years worth of “personal websites?” Hahaha! Yikes. I don’t think I want to show everyone my past layouts—the ones plastered with 10 different pictures of myself blended together with Photoshop.

Haha, gross. Roch and I were laughing about it some weeks ago. We sort of miss the old web neighborhood. We changed layouts practically every week and everyone knew each other. Now, almost everyone has ditched their personal websites and moved on with life (haha!). A few of us still manage to keep an LJ or a blog. And how funny is it that Roch and I are actually working together now? Haha! Dun din pala ang bagsak.

ANYWAY. Nothing’s really up except for the 55 word fiction section. And even that is so old. Last entry was 2006—and OMG, what a cheesy topic. Haha! Not to mention, a very gross picture that I’m so glad cannot be seen clearly. d:

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  • francesbean
    June 14, 2007

    haha aww 🙂 i miss the old “core” web neighborhood too. i remember stumbling upon your site and poring over your pictures, gfmares, ‘what a pretty bunch they are.’ 🙂

  • Macy
    June 15, 2007

    hahaha oh my goodness. that barkada site that had studio pics lang 😀

  • Gel
    June 15, 2007

    “Dun din pala ang bagsak” – exactly!

    And yeah, that layout-changing as often as people could.

    I remember pa Macy the layouts you had at paintedcloud.. yung frameless pop-ups? Er.. I forgot what they were called. 😛

    Hayyy those were the days. Now, I’m trying to write in a blog again. Lol.

  • katia
    June 15, 2007

    awww i miss the old “web neighborhood” too. weekly changing of layouts, yes! i haven’t changed the layout of my site in more than a year kaya, hahahaha. and remember when puro guestbooks lang? haha. ngayon nga, i only really keep track of only a few people’s blogs. maybe because of livejournal na rin but yeah, don’t we all love our LJs as much now! :p

  • Macy
    June 17, 2007

    katia: hahaha! guestbooks! tapos you’d link at the end of your blog entry kung sino man yung nag-sign sa guestbook mo. 😀