Rainy days and pan de sal

I kind of miss waiting for the radio announcement of suspension of classes. The closest thing to it was getting an email from HR that we could go home at 5pm today.

One of my favorite memories of rainy days when I was younger is eating breakfast in my parents’ room in our old house in Marikina. It was on the “second floor” of the bedroom. In quotation marks because our house was really a bungalow and my parents just had a sort-of loft or attic built in their bedroom. You see, our tiny house on the corner of Oriole and Flamingo always got flooded in whenever it rained. I still remember waking up and seeing my bedroom half-submerged in murky floodwater. I think my tandayan even fell into the water. Yuck. Haha!

Whenever classes got suspended, we’d get carried to the spiral staircase going up to my parents’ bedroom and we’d eat pan de sal and peanut butter until the water went down. It still gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Hahaha!

Even though I’d love to eat peanut butter pan de sal in my parents’ room with my family again, I really wouldn’t want to get flooded in. O: Not after a few months ago when I got stuck in traffic for two hours coming from the office and then, coming home to an extremely muddy house. Isn’t it ironic? (Don’t you think? Haha!) We moved out of Marikina so we wouldn’t get flooded in and now, we still get flooded in!

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  • Anonymous
    August 8, 2007

    hi ms. macy!! alam mo ba na may pang-kalyeng term ang word na “tandayan”? its called “salabay”, cute no?!

    by the way im venus. candygirl from dubai. ;p

  • Lynn
    August 9, 2007

    Ano yung “tandayan”? 😀

  • Macy
    August 9, 2007

    Lynn, di ko alam kung may English term for it. Haha! Some people call it potsim. Basta yung mahabang pillow na niyayakap mo pag natutulog ka? d:

  • Anonymous
    August 13, 2007

    hi there! i just stumbled on your blog and i have to say it’s a small small world– if you were from the munisipyo side of new marikina subdivision, then i can honestly empathize with you. we used to live on eagle street ( i think that’s parallel to flamingo) and we would get flooded all the time also! i remember being picked up in a huge dump truck just so i can go to school. odd at first, but i got to be the kid with the biggest hatid-sundo back then. your entry brought back some good memories.

    tandayan pala is potsim. we called it “hotdog” for lack of a better term.