Clearly, an obsession

YM convo this morning
A: grabe nasugat ako sa rewind wheel ng smena! :S
A: huhuhu
B: hahahaha schmeimei can be dangerous to your health
A: ang hirap pihitin
B: see addiction na tlaga siya
B: dahil nasasaktan na tayo literal, hindi lang bulsa natin
A: hahaha

Can you guess which one is me? d:

But it was definitely all worth it because this is the first roll that I really, really like taken with Leslie the Smena (or Schmeimei, as my friend calls hers.). Love, love, love the sky and the trees in UP.

Blues and greens (: My toes trying to get in the frame Reflections Red cars parked Looks like moss My favorite out of the roll of 36
The trees in UP are amazing Blue skies and electricity From down below Through our garage The sky on a Thursday afternoon Leaves and flowers

a quickr pickr post

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