Life in bullets

♥ Getting Macy’s Fields orders. Yay!
♥ Yet another packed week at work—I really, really wish we could slow down. even for just ONE week.
♥ One of my good friends from high school is back in Manila for a couple of days. Spending a few hours with her and some friends was so much fun. I hope I get to see her again before she goes back to Singapore.
I’m just a little girl lost in the moment. An awesome video and a really cute song.
Everybody’s speaking in words I don’t understand. I love covers!
♥ It’s my brother’s birthday today. To say he is the most awesome big brother is an understatement. I got him the coolest cupcakes ever. His very first electric guitar on top of chocolate cupcakes. (:
♥ Talking about past mistakes (hahahaha) with friends and knowing that you’re not alone—some people have made the same mistakes. And you both only hope that you don’t make the same ones again. d:
♥ Surf trip two weeks from now. I’m scared to death, but I figure life is too short to be afraid all the time. And I’m going with my superduper nice boss. Haha!
♥ I locked my cabinet’s key inside my cabinet at work. Sigh. I think it was hunger and sleepiness that made me do such a stupid thing. After twenty minutes, we figured out how to get my bag out (with the key inside). We’ve also concluded that those locked cabinets aren’t good for anything! NYA!
♥ Stayed up `til 2am to watch very loud bands inside a very cold place. Brr. I am never doing it again. Or so I hope.
♥ A big move happening soon.
♥ I don’t want to be adult, but I have to be.

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The Comments

  • Shorty
    August 26, 2008

    the show is such a cute song! i was literally dancing in my chair as i listened haha! 🙂

  • Macy
    August 26, 2008

    And the video is lovely! (: