It has to be said.

I hate to be bandwagon-y at the risk of sounding like a poser, but tonight, I will be on a date with three of my favorite boys to witness a grand reunion of sorts.

I am not a big Eraserheads fanatic. I don’t think I even own an album. I just remember a cassette tape of my brother’s, white and silver, and Christmas-y. I’m sure I know a lot of songs (probably not as much as the real fans) and will probably get to sing along. d:

For most of my life, I’ve been made aware (sometimes by choice, and other times by “no choice,” haha) of music and bands and all of the things that are filed under those words.And just like you, I have my own “Eheads story” to tell. d:

I remember answering the phone one night. The voice on the other line asked for my Kuya and when I asked who was calling, he said, “Si Raims.” I would then find out that it was Raimund Marasigan of Eraserheads. I was in college then, I think. And I was starstruck. Hahaha! Boses pa lang yon, ha. I totally blogged about it somewhere. :))

When my brother was formally included in the <S>andwich lineup, the members would often be at our house. Imagine my horror when I met them in my ratty old duster, complete with holes at the shoulder. Grabe. Hahaha! I was thrilled (kahit medyo dyahe to say the least.

I’ve learned not to get starstruck by them anymore. Haha, I also couldn’t care less if they saw me in my pantulog. I guess they are now the family’s friends by association. I remember that one of the first people who were at our side during A Major Hump we had to go through were Myrene and Raimund. And even if I’ve never told them, I appreciate them for that.

I’ve only met one of them, but I’m going to watch all four tonight at one of the most anticipated concerts by fans of all ages.

Tonight, I’m not just going as a big fan of music, but also as a big fan of family. (:

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  • Ari (Baking and Books)
    August 30, 2008

    I hope you have a wonderful time tonight! Sounds like this is going to be an exciting evening for you. 🙂

  • Macy
    September 3, 2008

    hey, thanks! (: it was actually a very fun night, but the it was cut short because the vocalist had to be rushed to the hospital. /: hopefully, when his heart heals, there can be another night like this. minus the rushing to the hospital.