I admit, I love reading the comments sections of sites like Pep or Perez. I get a good laugh, that’s all. But how strange when your own article’s comments section is the topic.

I wrote a silly little list of cartoons before there was cable for a sister site. I suggested maybe 15-20 shows and they shortlisted it to 10 that I would write about.

Some people liked it—even shared it in Facebook. I get thrilled when reading comments (good or bad) because it’s always nice to see the reaction of people. Then, I saw this very mean comment that called me “stupid.” I got bothered because I’ve never been accused of not doing research or anything like that. I just thought it was out of line.

I just checked again today and there are new comments about stuff that are “missing” in the list. Can you please check if Shaider, Bioman, or Mask Rider Black are cartoons? Because the last time I checked, they weren’t. Also, please read before you comment. Geez, Smurfs is part of the list!

Well, if you don’t like the list, why don’t you go make your own?

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