Holy Week break day 2. I am still sitting in front of the computer because I really need to get working on 2 mock-ups for two entirely different projects that I’m excited to do. Also, I have missed leisurely surfing (hello, Tumblr queue. We meet again!) as I haven’t done so the past month. Work has been eating me up, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy it. (:

I want to make cupcakes because it’s been a while since I’ve shoved an entire Kahlua cupcake into my mouth—frosting and all. But when Ate Elena was defrosting the refrigerator, I noticed that I’m down to my last cup and a half of flour and the milk carton has been sitting there longer than it should be.

In an effort to write more about what’s happening in my life (because sometimes, I forget about all the good things), I will revive this blog. Hopefully, you’ll see me here again tomorrow. With lots of happy thoughts and maybe some cupcakes.

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