Behind-the-scenes picture from Life UnExpected S01E12
(photo courtesy of The CW)

I love cheesy dramas. One of my ultimate favorite series is Gilmore Girls. I was sad when it got canceled and Stars Hollow was never to be seen again. (Note to self: buy an original box set!) When Mimi told me about this show that was being marketed as Gilmore Girls meets Juno, I thought, hey why not give it a chance?

Some people thought the pilot was boring but I loved it! It sort of reminded me of Party of Five. It was a drama alright but not One Tree Hill-heavy kind of drama (hahaha, sorry OTH fans). I instantly fell in love with Lux and her blonde waves and knitted beanie, with Cate (from Roswell) and her radio partner and guy Ryan (from Dawson’s Creek), with Baze who kind of grows on you after a couple of episodes. Still on the fence whether I’m Team Jones or Team Bug, though. d:

I wish one of the local channels would pick up this show. I love the warm, fuzzy feeling I get after watching it.

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