Owls and Polish at Heavenly Chocolates

One of my best buds from college went away for a month to visit her sister and her new niece Ellie (yes just like in Up!). I missed her so much that we planned to get together two days right after she landed. We were worried about the weather, but the moment she picked me up, the skies cleared and there was absolutely no traffic!

Since I’ve been car-less for about a month now (please pray we find a good deal for a van soon), we decided to eat somewhere near my house so she could take me home after. We’ve been wanting to try this place called Heavenly Chocolates for a while now but we never did get to go until last night.

She tried the Ghana (the lady at the store described it as “smooth”) while I stuck to the traditional Belgian Milk Chocolate. We were deciding between the pasta and the pizza but we figured we’d like the pizza better.

Here’s our pizza. Chocolate sauce, crispy shallots and bacon, plus a smattering of slivered almonds. I liked it a lot! The chocolate was more bitter than sweet and the salty bacon and shallots complemented it quite well. I also loved that the crust was crunchy.

With Kaich while she was on the phone with her sister. I felt like I had so much kwento to tell her, I ended up talking her head off the whole night. Hahaha!

I had the Belgian Chocolate Cake and the Quattro for Kaich. I liked them both. Her cake had a fudgy base and both had yummy chocolate icing. Mmm. I still have half the slice that I’m eating for dessert after lunch. (:

Of course a trip out of the country means pasalubong. Kaich got me a funky shade of matte polish (I’ve never tried matte polish) plus the cutest owl pouch. She noticed I’ve had a fascination for them lately. It came in such perfect timing, too, because my makeshift mobile phone pouch is literally bursting at the seams (or the zipper if we’re being specific). They (her and her mom) also got me a Silpat! Woohoo!

Thanks, Kaich! I super had fun catching up. (: See you and Patty this weekend!

Heavenly Chocolates
127 Roces Avenue (corner T. Morato) Quezon City, Philippines (beside Taste of LA)
Monday-Saturday 11am – 10pm
Sunday 11am – 7:30pm

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The Comments

  • Dea
    October 23, 2010

    You and Kaich are looking good! I love Kaich's niece's name, so pretty.

    That pizza is interesting, I'll eat anything with chocolate . I'll plan a trip there, thanks for sharing.

  • Macy
    October 23, 2010

    Aww, thanks, Dea. That's so sweet.

    I'll eat anything with chocolate and bacon. Hahaha!