A Yummy Kind of Scary

When I get asked to do something for this magazine, I’m always thrilled. Then I feel excited, scared, and nervous. Well, it’s not like they’ve asked me several times but when my friend Elaineplim (hahaha) asked if I could do a Twilight-inspired story for Yummy Ideas, I immediately said yes. Never mind that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to come up with four ideas based solely on the book/movie. I think out of the four, though, my favorite would be the Werewolf “Dog Food.” Hahaha! See, we even shot it in a doggie bowl (thanks to my EIC Mia for lending her “for photo shoots only” bowl!). I also ended up discovering how easy it is to make caramel popcorn. When I got home after the shoot, I totally made another batch for me and my youngest brother. We ran out of cashew nuts by that time but it was still pretty good. Maybe I should make some again this long weekend…

Grab a copy of the October 2010 of Yummy! (:

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