Surf and Turf with the Girls

I’ve been dreading going home for a month now because as you may have noticed, I have no idea how to get home without a car. Cabbing is hardly considered “commuting,” I know, but it’s the closest I know how to.

This week has been incredibly good to me because I’ve been able to get a ride home all week. I didn’t have to ride a cab by myself, praying the rosary for my safety (exag ba?).

Last night, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get to dinner with my barkada (ended up riding with Nikki, who’s my officemate who I never see because we’re on separate floors, hehe) or go home (I was planning on taking a cab but it turned out my brother wasn’t going to use his car so I could ask to be picked up). At the end of the day, though, everything just sort of fell into place and I had a great time with my friends after a long, tiring week of work.

Early birds Lani and Laika

Traffic was terrible along Libis (but then again, when is it not bumper-to-bumper along that road?). My best friend Laika was already done with work at 5:30pm but since everyone got stuck in traffic, she had to wait for us ’til around 8pm. Lani was the second early bird. Haven’t seen her since she got back from Singapore!

(Clockwise from left) Justin, Nikki, Zsa, Fretz, Lani, Laika, and me

Take one with horns (or a peace sign!). Tsk, tsk!

Baguio-bound Justin ♥ Nikki, blushing Zarah, and Vegan Yogi Fretz

Worker-from-home (hehe) Lani, BB addict Laika, and window bangs Macy

Golda got to join us after a harrowing night of traffic.

After a fifteen-minute discussion on why we were P200 short (hahaha), we headed home. The food was yummy (We ordered the Surf and Turf platter, that comes with an assortment of barbecued chicken, lamb, beef & pork ribs, cream dory, salmon, tuna, rice, and a house salad. I loved the garlic sauce with the fish) and the company was great. I love Friday nights with friends!

Uncle Cheffy’s Brick-Oven BBQ
Unit A216 & S201 Level 2, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City Cyberpack, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue(C5)
4702750 and 3837215

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The Comments

  • Lani
    October 23, 2010

    I finally went out of the house!!! Yey, I missed the girls! 🙂

    So I'm going to plan our yoga and rockband day! Seriously!

  • Macy
    October 23, 2010

    So glad that you did! (: Looking forward to the yoga and Rockband day!