Of firsts

It’s our first Christmas in our “new” old home. We’ve been staying in my mom’s sister’s house for almost nine months now. Wow, nine months. That’s like a full-term baby. We’re luckier than most I suppose, having family who’s supportive and you know will always have your back no matter what. Maybe someday, we’ll get to save up for our own home and we’ll get to return the favor somehow.

The past few months have been long and tiring and never-ending. I always think to myself, maybe next week, I’ll get some time to just, well, do nothing. But that never seems to be the case. But I guess I’m also grateful. For time with family, friends, and even work. And how blessed I’ve been recently.

When I came home Friday night after dinner with friends, I saw that my dad had already set up our beautiful black tree in the living room. And when I woke up the next morning, he had also asked that the Christmas plates be brought out.

Christmas seemed like such a strange and distant holiday to me two years ago. I still feel that it is. But as I’m always trying to look at the brighter side of things, I know that just like every year, we’ll manage to make it a happy one. (:

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