Two Nights in a Row

People are generally surprised when I’m out late at night because they know my bed time is actually 9pm (although these days I’ve been sleeping close to midnight and not too proud of it). But staying in an office building for more than 10 hours can really make your realize how much you’ve been just working. So whenever there’s a chance to get out—an event, a premiere, a meeting(haha)—I try to go if time lets me.

So last Thursday after work, I headed to a 20-minute preview of Disney’s Tron Legacy (which was AWESOME! Too bad we have to wait ’til December 17 to see the entire thing) and ETC’s Vamped event. We’re big fans of The Vampire Diaries so we figured, why not check out the party?

With Angela and Tessa of ETC, making chismis about TVD and other ETC shows.

We had our picture taken with “Damon” and “Katherine” at the photobooth, had TVD-inspired drinks, and had salty calamares before we called it a night. We also got news that ETC is showing Pretty Little Liars soon!


Last night, after a loooong day at work (that included a very satisfying meal at Recipes, another payday waldas that I don’t even know how to justify, plus a record-breaking chat event that made our numbers soar to great heights haha), my friends picked me up so we could all go “par-tay.” HAHA! It’s been a running joke that whenever we decide to come out late at night, it’s called a lolas night out. And by lola, I sure don’t mean Madonna’s kid.

Speaking of lolas, this year, my friends and I decided to semi-dress up for Halloween. Last year, we dressed up as Josie and the Pussycats and actually won a prize (that we never used, come to think of it). We decided to just do a ’50s theme. And we don’t know but pearls seemed to have tied all our outfits together.

Binky actually did a ’50s DIY project but ended up not wearing her dress. She stitched a poodle cutout on it—complete with a leash! Super cute. Laika channeled her inner Audrey Hepburn. I tried to do a Betty Draper but my brother told me I was more a Peggy. Whatever that means, I haven’t exactly caught up with Mad Men. It’s funny, though, because this is actually something I’d wear on any other given day. Maybe I was born in the wrong era. IDK.

As you can see, not a lot of people really dressed up. But when this girl stepped in, we all had to turn and look in her direction. She had fiery orange hair sticking up from her head and she was in a flesh bodysuit. She came as a Troll! Hahaha! Best costume of the night, I think.

And well, look at me in a club, drinking… water. Hahaha! I woke up past 8 this morning, which is late in my book. I’ve spent all day on the computer, only taking breaks to go to the bathroom and eat. I don’t think I’m going to be out like that any time soon. I’ve reached my quota, hehe.

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