Chocolate Kiss and College

Chocolate Kiss was my happy food in college. I remember trooping there every Thursday (or was it Tuesday?) with Kaich, Patty, and Jeifan. Switching between adobo and chicken kiev and salpicao.

We decided to meet up today for late lunch. I was looking forward to my favorite Kahlua Butter Cake and refillable iced tea. They had already ordered when I got there. I was trying to remember what I always ordered. Kaich said it was Salisbury Steak so I ordered that. “Sorry, Ma’am. Wala na po eh.” Then, we figured no, it was Chicken Kiev. “Sorry, Ma’am. Wala na po eh.” I really wanted rice. So one more try, “Beef Salpicao na lang.” “Sorry, Ma’am. Wala na po eh.” HAAAA? The waiter suggested pasta but I was dead set on getting kanin. So I chose an unfamiliar meal (meaning I’ve never tried it before): Fish Fillet with Pesto Salsa and Paprika Rice.

Then this blob was presented to me. It didn’t look appetizing to me but it did smell yummy. I was apprehensive about the salsa because sometimes salsa=wansoy, which I’m not a fan of. But I ended up finishing the entire plate save for maybe two tablespoons of the paprika rice. And then of course, I had to order dessert. Patty already sent me a message ahead of time that Kahlua Butter Cake was available so yay!

I actually told the cake, “I’ve missed you.” I don’t know why I love this cake so much. I especially savor the two-part icing going on. Fudge + butter cream, be still my frosting-loving heart.

Here we are trying to channel our college selves. Well, technically, Ry and Kaich are still in school, just on break. Patty and I have no excuse. And Jeifan is being her grown-up self at Philippine Fashion Week. Haha! We missed you, Naf!

Can’t wait to see you again on my birthday weekend! (:

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe
UP Diliman, QC and
91 Roces Avenue

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