She’s Making a List

My family is known as The Last Minute Shoppers. We’d shop for gifts on the eve of Christmas (yes, as in December 24. I’m not kidding.). I don’t remember why we did this, but I think it was some twisted notion that there are less people shopping at that time (not true).

But this morning, I headed over to the mall with my friend Mimi (who taught me something about Christmas lists—print them on a spread sheet! Genius!) to get some Christmas shopping done. I loaded my list into my iPod (Woohoo! Purchase justified just a little more) and proceeded to update the file whenever I found something for someone (filed in neat columns: name, present, price).

I’m only halfway done but I can’t wait to head to the mall again and tick off names from my check list. So amazing that this gadget, which I initially decided to buy because of Incredibooth (I know, I know), is actually super functional! d:

I finally changed the oh-so-creative Macy’s iPod to utagai. Named it after my favorite Audrey Kawasaki print. It means “uncertainty” in Japanese. I wasn’t really sure about getting it for myself (I’ve never really spent so much on a gadget) and we weren’t really sure we were going to be able to buy it so soon. So yeah. Nameless gadget named!

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The Comments

  • melissa
    November 29, 2010

    love the name!

  • Katrina Villareal
    December 1, 2010

    Yay for lists! I actually started making a Christmas list two years ago, and I just update the same Excel file (tabbed years) so I'm sure not to give the same thing 😀

  • Macy
    December 5, 2010

    Meanne: It seemed appropriate. (:

    KV: Hahaha, that's exactly how Mim does it, too! Well, she prints them out and files them. OCs, unite!