The Thought Of You Picks Me Up When I’m Lonely

Music Monday

Missed Color Me Badd’s concert, but apparently they didn’t perform this. I used to have that entire Spanish verse memorized. I can still sing-along to it. ♥

Tasty Tuesday

Made some fancy cake pops for a shoot at work. I miss baking and this is the closest I’ll get for now.

Wishful Wednesday
Jason Mraz. October 30. Please cross your fingers for me. I love this man and his music. I’ve seen him live twice, but a third time won’t hurt. Universe, please make the stars align for me. Birthday ko naman na ng November!

Thoughtful Thursday

It’s funny how Pottermore is making me feel like a giddy kid again. It’s amazing how a simple book has turned into its own magical world—movies, a theme park (!!!), and an online portal! Got so stressed getting sorted (I got into Ravenclaw—not Gryffindor, where my heart truly belongs!) and figuring out potions (I ruined two because the site keeps crashing!), but it’s so awesome! Add me as a friend: MoonstoneAvis117! (:

Fashion Friday

I remember spending afternoons with my mom, looking at her shelves filled with different shapes, sizes, colors of beads. There were Swarovski crystals of all sizes and colors, quirky beads from India, and glass pearls that looked like real ones. I finally asked Ate Elena and Pedro, our house boy, to unearth this box filled with all the pretty stuff. I have yet to find her wires and chains, but I’ve found some I can make charm bracelets with. I’m excited!

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