The Most Important Woman In Our Lives

My friend Marla made me listen to this song about four years ago when my mom passed away. Whenever I hear it, I think of my mom. That maybe she really did have to get away from here.

I always wonder what it would be like if she were still alive. Would we still be living in our old house? Would we still spend every Sunday afternoon watching gossip shows? Would she still get mad at us for always being in front of the computer? Sometimes I still get mad that I don’t get to have my mom anymore. But then, I guess I’m reminded that there’s always someone looking out for me, someone taking care of me. In the form of my dad, my brothers, my friends, and even my friend’s moms—people who aren’t even related to me! Thank you to all those who’ve become a mother, one way or another, to me. I appreciate the love and will be forever grateful.

Maybe you had to get out of here.
Maybe you lost your way down here.
Maybe you’ve found a shinier star.
A shinier star.
Leaving your heart beating in fragile hands.
And nobody understands.
Maybe you’re gone.
Maybe you are finally coming home.

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