A Good Day For Eating

Spent my Saturday in good company, both in terms of food and friends. Headed to the Rockwell Tent for Yummy Eats (after last year, how could we not go?) The venue this year was much smaller than last year’s so it was a bit hard to get around. But that definitely didn’t stop us from sampling all the Yummy Eats at the tent!

Cukay’s Red Velvet cupcake. So good!
Style Bible‘s Isha Andaya-Valles serving Chuck’s Grub!
Almost like liempo chicharon. Sarap!

My favorite of the day: the best chocolate chip cookies with fleur de sel. Omnomnom.
Sampled the Aztec Truffle and the Bluecheese Praline. Yummy! (Sorry, I’m probably going to reuse this term a lot in this entry.)

Pinkerton’s Alexandra Rocha noticed we were sweating like pigs (hehe) and offered us a sample of their guava basil sorbet. Truly refreshing!
That’s Shar Tan of Qitchen Queens/Goodles (also, Candy‘s former fashion editor!).
LOVED the ham and mushroom cheese dip. Forgot to take home a jar.
Mochiko debuted their new flavor at the event. We sampled milk tea and Oreos and milk. Looooved the Oreos and milk.
Attempting to take a photo of Pipino’s booth, I managed to intrude in this couple’s moment. Haha, whoops!
And as if all that food wasn’t enough, we had late lunch at Cafe Med and I had this entire plate to myself. Hee hee!
We went around the mall in an attempt to burn all the calories from the event but ended up waiting at a coffee shop to eat some more before dinner. Met up with my favorite friends from college and had breakfast with margaritas (hee hee!). Ended the day with a yummy slice of Red Velvet cake and I went home with a super satisfied tummy.

Now back to regular food programming. Got a shoot tomorrow that I’m excited-nervous about. Wish me luck!

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