Crafty: The Crochet Book

Got this Cath Kidston Crochet Book at 20% off at Kinokuniya when I went to Bangkok last month. I only discovered the bad reviews when I got home and Googled it. Haha!

I finally got around to opening it this afternoon and it really is this lovely book-shaped tin that had me sold. I don’t care if the yarn isn’t enough for the pillowcase, haha!

I managed to finish one box (there are 9 for the front part of the ‘Granny Square Cushion’). It’s not exactly perfect—I had to improvise when the pattern that came with the kit didn’t really make sense. But thank goodness for the Internet and my mother who had a crochet bug for a while. I still remember the basics. Iif the yarn won’t make an entire pillowcase, I’ll turn it into a blanket for my best friend’s baby girl!

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