Unlike Everyone Else

Music Monday

I still get amazed when we get contacted by people outside the Philippines, requesting to be featured on the site or in the mag. Once Upon A Time Music in London got in touch with us to feature their artist Coastal Cities, but I’m liking Crash & The Coots who are also under them.

Tasty Tuesday

It’s Christmastime in Casa Alcaraz. We actually also have our black tree up too! Someone’s extra excited for the holidays (read: my dad).

Wishful Wednesday

Hopefully I get to finish the rest of this before the year ends. It’s quite imperfect and there are some parts I just totally guessed (I’m sure crochet experts can spot those in an instant), but I have to say it’s kind of growing on me!

Thoughtful Thursday

Fashion Friday

My aunt and her husband are back from a trip to Europe and they got this beautiful Murano pendant for me. I still don’t know if I’ll wear it on a chain or the black ribbon it came with. This is my second glass pendant and I love it!

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