I Try DIY Craft Huddle: Paper Folding

I always hover around the origami paper section in Saizen,but never really buy because my origami skills are very basic. I used to be so jealous of my classmates in grade school who could turn paper bills into polo shirts or hearts (like magic!). I could make a paper boat, if I remembered the right order of folding. Haha!

So when one of Mikko‘s Craft Huddles—the paper folding one!—fell on a holiday, I took it as a sign. I headed over to Harvest in The Fort that afternoon, excited over the thought that I’d be coming home with some paper folding skillz.

First up: choose your paper. Mix had a ton of pretty paper! I couldn’t decide which ones to get. Look at all those pretty patterns!

Our first project was the paper wallet. She actually did a tutorial for this on candymag.com. You can totally make this and stuff with a few 20-peso bills for your godkids!

Tried making one on my own (had to ask for help, though!) the second time around. Not too shabby, right?

Next: a box! We had to choose paper with matching prints. I got cupcake-themed ones. So cute!

 We made the base first.

And then the lid. I didn’t put enough allowance in my folds so the lid was kind of too small for my base. Whoops!

Paper bags that don’t need glue or tape! All they’re missing are handles and your gift bag is ready.

This box was my favorite. A bit hard to make (I’m not entirely sure I can recreate it on my own without troubleshooting from Mikko) but it looks so nice! It’s like a box within a box. Very fancy, haha.

Pillow boxes for tiny trinkets like earrings or bracelets. Here’s a link to the tutorial in case you want to try making them on your own.

My happy family of paper products. I have yet to sit down and attempt to make another batch without help, but this will make gift wrapping for Christmas fun!

Want to learn more holiday crafts? Head on over to I Try DIY for the November schedule of Craft Huddles (I’m personally eying the Craft of the Card next!).

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