Local And Handmade

I love being around creative people. There’s something so inspiring about seeing handmade things.

After the baby shower, I headed to Hip Pinoy along Katipunan extension with Mikko to check out her booth. I ended up saying hello to some of the crafters I met at Alessa‘s First Craft Soiree. Also, I couldn’t resist getting a few things from the booths. Self-control, what’s that?

Mikko shared her booth with her cousins, Aki of The Girls Room, and Dina of Wired Charms.

Mansy of Hey Kessy had all sorts of prettiness on her table.

From April’s stash, I picked up this pack of Artisan cupcake toppers. Still thinking of what to do for my birthday. Maybe I can finally have that Pushing Daisies tea party I’ve always wanted to do. These would be perfect for that! She was also selling pretty accessories and dateless journals.

Got myself two rolls of washi tape (for what, I really don’t know. I have a bunch of tape from my trip to Singapore that I still haven’t touched. Hoarders alert!) and a free sticker and yellow heart. Hehe.

Love the color combo of this craft lace keychain. Thinking of attaching it to my multicolored Yakpak.

Sweet surprise of the day: Wired Charms earrings! Dina let me pick a pair and even wrapped them up in lovely packaging.

I’ve been told a few times to join bazaars during Christmas time, but I always think I can’t handle the work. Maybe sometime soon would be a good time to try. We’ll see!

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