What’s Your Type?

I’ve been home for four days and except for the dreadful heat, I’m actually enjoying all this free time. Since it’s just me and the boys at home, we’ve been rotating household chores. Strangely enough, I think I’m getting the hang of washing dishes. Haha!

I’ve been binge-watching different series and catching up on ones I haven’t seen yet. My new kacheapan fave? The Royals. LOL think of it as a cross between Gossip Girl and Reign (except set in present time). I’m also really liking iZombie a lot. Patty was right when she said it was kind of like Veronica Mars (Rob Thomas is the executive producer) and Dead Like Me (Bryan Fuller, I love you!). After finishing Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in half a day, I’m trying to finish Gotham—although it’s more background music to me now than anything. |:
Here’s what I’ve been busy with the past few days. Practicing my watercolor (as you can see with my new header), brush lettering, and calligraphy. Savoring all this free time because it’s back to work tomorrow!
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What about you? What have you been busy with this long weekend?
March 8, 2015



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