What’s in my bag: 09.22.2016

I can never really carry a small bag long enough. I always think I’m going to need something so I tend to overpack my everyday bag with more than just essentials. LOL. So you can imagine how heavy my tote gets. I bought myself this Carrie City from Aranaz Tu as a “reward” for a book project last year. Used to look longingly at my mom’s raffia and straw bags. So I thought since I didn’t get to save any of them, I would invest in my own. I’ve taken this around the city and on a beach trip and I love it to death!

On this day, I headed to the office before having lunch out with my high school friends and attending a store opening. Had a craft date with some friends which explains why I had a bunch of notebooks and paintbrushes that day. But, who am I kidding? Even without those, my bag looks like I stuffed my entire room in it.

What do you tote around in your bag?

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