panaderya toyo sourdough pandesal

Ten Things I’m Thankful For

♡ spending a fun night with my friend L and our barkada before she flew off to her next adventure

♡ hamming it up at the dessert museum with some of my fave peeps. honestly, i wasn’t too impressed by the place but hey, the company was great!

♡ getting in some Q1 journaling! definitely need to sit down and do this every three months.

♡ plans getting canceled then finally falling into place

impromptu dinners (guys, I’m super kaladkarin!)

♡ finally getting to check out the alley at karrivin—definitely need to go back!

♡ snagging some choice ines de la fressange pieces from uniqlo, yasss!

♡ finalizing the details of my collaboration with dandy ona. please come! promise to share more about this soon.

♡ seeing my friends from my first job and trying iceberg’s sisig for the first time (yum!)

♡ being part of s & r’s low-key and extra chill wedding. everything was beautiful! best wishes, #themendos!

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The Comments

  • K
    March 28, 2018

    That looks like Pau’s sourdough pandesal! I’ve been wanting to try!
    I called you my kaladkarin first!
    Craving for sisig any day, haven’t tried Icebergs, can you believe it?

    • Macy
      > K
      March 28, 2018

      yes, it’s from panaderya toyo!
      haha this is true
      also, it’s pretty good! let’s go one time (: couldn’t believe it was my first time to try either, haha!