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Skin Care Empties: Toner, Cleanser, Serum, and More

One of the first things I did when I was sorting my life late last year was go through my baskets of beauty products. I had amassed all these makeup and skin care products that there was simply no place to put them in! I threw out all the ones that were past expiration, set aside the ones I’d give to family and friends, and I ended up with just a few things I wanted to keep for myself. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s so hard to stay away from the beauty aisle in any drugstore and to stop myself from adding stuff to cart on the Sephora app. But in reality, I don’t really need ten million moisturizers, right? Every time I post a snapshot of my makeshift vanity (I use a Gorilla Rack for my clothes and reserve one level for my beauty products), my sister-in-law keeps commenting, “All of that for one person?” So I realize that even pared down, it seems like I still have so much stuff! I think I’ve been pretty good the past couple of months save for my last purchase from Glossier (and their new Cloud Paint shades are definitely not helping…gah).

In an effort to be more conscious about my consumption, I’ve been keeping track of the stuff I finish down to the last drop. Then I decide if I love them enough to repurchase or not. So welcome to my first skin care empties report, lol.

Glossier milky jelly cleanser. I know some people don’t think much of it but I love it. It’s gentle enough for my eyes but gets all of my makeup off at the end of the day. I use this in the morning when I shower and at night. I’m already on my third bottle and have already repurchased a back-up. Just wish I knew where I could get these bottles recycled somehow?

Dr. Belmeur daily repair toner. I never used toner before but maybe getting older made my skin a little drier? I feel like when I put toner, everything else I put just gets absorbed better by my skin. Maybe it’s all in my head but after I shower, I pat it on and my face instantly feels hydrated. Would probably repurchase this but I’m going through a bottle of Bare Essentials Primer Water from Althea at the moment.

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O cleanser and makeup remover. I’m actually not sure what the difference is between this and the first one I tried (Sensibio) but I love this for days when I get lazy removing my makeup. It’s a bit pricey but it does the job. Also I don’t feel like my face is dry after using it. Haven’t repurchased since I’m finishing a bottle of Biore Moist Up Micellar Cleansing Water.

Nuxe Prodigieuse Yeux eye cream. I love this line from Nuxe but it’s so expensive. ): Maybe I’ll wait for the brand to go on sale before I buy this again. Haha!

MAC Lightful C vibrancy eye cream. Always thought this was an insta-brightener but realized a highlighter mixed with your concealer will probably do the same thing, lol.

Sephora honey lip scrub. Yes, yes, yes! Except I have two more (LOL! One I got as a gift and one I bought, I think?). Also finally used the coconut one and it’s bomb, too.

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra intensive hydration gel. I should have included the C-Firma that this came bundled with but didn’t get to finish that since it oxidized before I could. I loved this but I think I’m pretty happy with my Glossier Bounce.

Do you guys finish your products down to the last drop? Which of your skin care empties do you end up repurchasing? Not that I need any more reason to buy more things, but what are your fave skin care products?

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