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Handwritten Fonts: How I Make Mine

I still keep a planner where I write my schedule in—although I admit that I sometimes log in the details after the fact. I keep a journal where I write down my intentions every month or so. Even with most of my life online, I still always keep a pen and paper on me. So it’s no surprise how I’m drawn to handwritten type (or at least looks handwritten).

Back in school, my friend Mikko and I would hand-letter our classmates’ names for their filofax dividers (now you know how old we are, heh). We’d copy our favorite fonts (mine was Jester) using different colored gel pens. One of our fave fonts to copy was Funstuff. Haha! Our lettering eventually evolved from our faves and we developed our own style.

These days, Mikko turns her handwriting into fonts. When she was just starting out, she’d ask us to write down the letters of the alphabet and she’d convert them into fonts we could use on Word or apps like Phonto. She has over a hundred fonts on her site now, including one she made out of the Assumption cursive.

Mix Font Guest Font Macy Tilt

My Macy suite (all fixed and converted by Mikko) is now 7 fonts strong. The latest one she made for me is now available on her site for download! How cool is that? I wrote this one on card stock from Alessa with a Pentel touch brush pen. And then the rest is all Mikko’s magic. Check out Mix Fonts for more of her handwritten fonts!

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